Yours Truly Custom Homeschool Planner


With the Yours Truly Custom Homeschool Planner, you can plan and track each day of your children’s education. You can simply plan ahead or journal after the day is done. You can note individually what your students complete or what you teach them together as a group. You can keep a record of the places you’ve been. With reading logs, an attendance record and plenty of pages for notes, the Yours Truly Planner will be a record of your school year and all the wonderful things you’ve learned together.

Homeschool teachers, order your planner today to start planning for next year!
Have an older student? Consider purchasing a customized planner for your junior high or senior high student to use independently.

Each planner is customized with your homeschool name, the subjects you want, your family name, and your kids’ names. Included in each planner:

36 Weeks of Planning Pages
8 Customizeable Subjects
Notes section for field trips, community service hours and extra-curricular activities
Your kids’ initials in each subject box each day (optional)
Family Reading Log
Individual Reading Logs
Month-at-a-Glance calendar for big picture planning Curriculum Planning Page to make a plan before your next curriculum fair
Notes pages to record ideas, curriculum you’ve heard about, tips from other homeschool parents, and whatever else you need to jot down
Clear plastic covers and chip board back to help it survive the year

After your school year is over, you can look back and see what you covered and plan for your next year. You’ll have a record of attendance, field trips, books read, and all the things your kids learned. Use this as your reference when you’re asked what you taught your kids this year. You can even take it to your end of year portfolio review.

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Why pick a planner from Yours Truly?
There are several other options out there. Ours puts personal details about your homeschool and your kids in key places to help speed up your planning. Eight subjects you select are printed into each week’s planning pages so you don’t have to write them in each week.

There are some great sites out there to help you create your own planner. I created my own the first couple of years and spent countless hours over several weeks getting everything formatted in Excel and Word before it was ready to take to Staples. Then I spent an hour of my time having each of my files printed and bound to get it just right. I also spent more than we’re charging for the Yours Truly Custom Homeschool Planner. We’ve reduced that to a few minutes of time filling out a form on our site. We then create the custom files specifically for your family and send them to a local printer we have partnered with to save you money. Your planner will be ready to ship within just a few days.

Planning takes time, but it shouldn’t take all your time.