Our Workshops

Nurturing the Writer in Your Child and Nurturing the Writer in Yourself

Amy, Colleen, and Carol discuss the routes they have taken in Christian fiction publishing and provide practical ideas for getting started as a writer in a very competitive market. Each author gives points on what has motivated her and helped her not only in the publishing world, but also in creating work that honors God and provides fiction that both captivates and teaches. Each also discusses techniques that can be used in teaching literature from junior high through high school, and offer a way to nurture a love for reading and writing in your teen.

Through The Writing Family, Colleen, Amy, and Carol teach teenagers as well as homeschool parents to nurture the writer in themselves. The Publishing for the Family Workshop include writing and publishing tips, ideas on developing your own writing style, and building a love for writing in your child. Their fiction also offers teaching tips for encouraging Christian worldview thinking through reading and strengthening reading and writing skills.


Colleen Scott, Amy C. Blake, and Carol Kinsey at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.